Welcome to Behest Indie Novelist Services. If you are an independent novelist, whether you are writing your first novel or have a library of titles behind you, I am here to serve you.

With the advent of the internet and e-books, self-publishing has become a reality and has helped many people fulfil their dreams of writing a book and making it available to a global audience. This has not only benefitted the authors themselves, but has exposed readers to a lot more choice and talent than would otherwise have been available.

Self-publishing, however, also has its drawbacks. Many of us will know how frustrating it is to pick up an interesting-sounding book only to find it riddled with typos, or that the characters and situations are unrealistic. British readers often have the added frustration that British characters, locations and culture are not authentically written by non-native authors.

My aim at Behest Indie Novelist Services is to provide low-cost help for you to put the shine on your work and hopefully avoid these pitfalls. I offer three areas of service: